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Social Media Tactics for Land Brokers

Learn how to expand your network, attract more buyers, and grow your brokerage business with these social media tactics.

Social media plays an important role for land brokers looking to increase their online presence, establish connections with clients, and demonstrate their expertise in the field. Each social media platform, whether it's visually-focused like Instagram or more professional like LinkedIn, offers unique opportunities to reach more buyers and sellers.

Important Tip and Reminder: Before you dig in to these social media tactics, remember that you do not have to master each of these platforms or every single feature listed below. Align your tactics with your overall business goals and strategy, experiment, and find what works. Social media isn't your full time job, after all.


Best For: Visual storytelling and direct engagement.

5 Tactics to Test:

  1. Utilize Local and Regional Hashtags: Boost the visibility of your posts by using hashtags relevant to your area, attracting local audiences to your content. Look for state, county, city, and regional hashtags using Instagram's search function.
  2. Geo-tag Your Post: Tagging your posts with specific locations increases discoverability for people interested in your area, so be sure you're using that location tag feature with every post!
  3. Leverage Instagram Stories: Use stories to share daily activities, property tours, and live Q&A sessions. Because stories are only visible for 24 hours, stories are great for casual behind the scenes content and creating excitement.
  4. Utilize Broadcast Channels for Direct Communication: Instagram's broadcast channels enable you to communicate directly with your followers through one-to-many messaging. This tool is perfect for sending updates, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and interactive elements like polls or Q&A sessions directly to your followers’ inboxes. It fosters a more intimate and engaged community by allowing you to provide personalized content and offers.
  5. Provide Valuable Content: Go beyond property listings to share knowledge on land management, conservation efforts, and industry trends. This establishes you as a knowledgeable resource.


Best For: Community building and networking.

3 Tactics to Test:

  1. Engage in Local Facebook Groups: Active participation in local groups and niche real estate groups can position you as a go-to resource in your community. It's also a great way to catch wind of new opportunities when locals ask around for referrals or land for sale.
  2. Start Your Own Facebook Group: Creating a dedicated group for local real estate enthusiasts or land management topics can foster a specialized community around your brand.
  3. Keep Your Business Page Active: Regular updates on your business page with listings, industry news, and educational content can maintain engagement and keep your audience informed.


Best For: Riding trends and expanding reach.

5 Tactics to Test:

  1. Follow and Utilize Trends: Adapt trending challenges or themes to the land brokerage niche to create engaging and relatable content. Comb relevant hashtags for ideas.
  2. Cross-Post to Instagram Reels: Extend the reach of your TikTok videos by sharing them as Instagram Reels, utilizing both platforms' strengths.
  3. Incorporate Local Hashtags: Just like on Instagram, use targeted hashtags to connect with a local audience, enhancing your regional reach.
  4. Duet and Stitch: These features allow you to collaborate with other users' content. As a land broker, you can Duet with clients' testimonials or Stitch to answer questions, provide insights, or highlight property features, encouraging interaction and showcasing your expertise.
  5. Live Streams: Going live on TikTok can help you connect in real-time with your audience, offering Q&A sessions, live property tours, or discussions about the land market. It’s an excellent way to build trust and engage directly with potential buyers and sellers.


Best For: Networking and establishing credibility.

4 Tactics to Test:

  1. Publish Insightful Articles: Writing about your experiences, market analyses, or trends in land brokerage can highlight your expertise to a professional audience.
  2. Participate in Relevant Groups: Engaging with groups focused on real estate, land management, and local business can widen your professional network.
  3. Highlight Success Stories: Sharing your transaction successes and client testimonials on LinkedIn can build trust and demonstrate your effectiveness as a broker.
  4. Recommendations and Endorsements: Ask satisfied clients and professional partners to leave recommendations and endorse your skills on LinkedIn. Positive testimonials and endorsements lend credibility to your profile and can make a strong impression on potential clients browsing your profile.

Final Thoughts

Navigating social media as a land broker involves more than just being present; it's about genuinely engaging with your audience across platforms. Utilize these platforms to share your expertise, connect with clients, and cultivate a supportive community around your brand. Experiment with these tips to uncover the strategies that best resonate with your audience and expand your network.

Have more tips? Share what's working (or not) for you in the comments section below, and be sure to shout out what region you're working in!

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