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5 Simple Ways You Can Use Custom Maps as Marketing Materials

Custom maps aren't just for listings. Here are a few ideas on how you can use custom maps to attract more buyers.

Custom maps are a powerful tool for marketing land, especially expansive rural properties and large farms. From highlighting trail systems to mapping out irrigation systems, they can add to your overall marketing materials and help showcase the true potential of your listings by putting photos and details into context.

In this article, we'll go over a few ways you can leverage custom maps to attract more potential buyers.

1. Include a Custom Map in Shareable Print Materials

Adding a detailed custom map to a property report or brochure helps potential buyers visualize the layout of a property along with key features during their visit and after they leave.

2. Utilize Maps on Social Media

Social media channels like Instagram and TikTok are all about visual content, and maps provide a unique and shareable way to draw attention to your listings.

Try screen recording your map creation process and speed up the video for an eye-catching time lapse video. If video creation isn't your thing, share your map in a post with information about the key features represented in the map.

3. Send Direct Links to Maps to Interested Leads

For potential buyers, sending direct links to the property's interactive map can provide an engaging full screen experience, like this one, for them to explore the property ahead of a tour. For serious buyers, you could even create a custom map that answers specific questions.

4. Leverage Maps in Email Marketing Campaigns

Incorporate custom maps into your email marketing campaigns. A well-designed map can catch the eye of potential buyers scrolling through their inbox and provide a quick overview of the property’s features and advantages.

5. Embed Interactive Maps in Online Listings

Make your online listings stand out by embedding interactive maps. These maps allow potential buyers to click, zoom, and explore a property directly from their devices, providing an engaging experience that can help convert browsers into leads.

New to map embeds? Acres allows you to start creating and embedding custom maps for free.

Final Thoughts

Custom maps help tell a story and illustrate the potential of a property in a unique and interactive way. By creatively using and sharing custom maps in addition to stellar photography and well-written listings, you can significantly enhance the appeal of your land listings and attract more qualified buyers.

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