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Farmland Values: The California Report

Explore the intricate dynamics of California's farmland values and trends, from crop sales to water districts, in this comprehensive report.

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How to Find Comparable Sales for Rural Land

Finding accurate, recent sales data for rural land doesn't have to be a headache. Learn how to find comparable sales faster in this short guide.

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8 Networking Ideas for Land Brokers

Boost your success as a land broker with these 8 networking ideas. Learn how to grow your network, establish trust, and connect with potential...

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Social Media Tactics for Land Brokers

Learn how to expand your network, attract more buyers, and grow your brokerage business with these social media tactics.

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Enhance Your Land Listing With a Custom Map

Enhance rural land listings with custom maps to attract informed buyers. Learn how to create engaging maps and stand out in the market with Acres.

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11 Things to Know Before Buying Land

Are you thinking about purchasing land? These eleven items should be on your due diligence checklist before submitting a contract to buy vacant or...

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5 Ways to Improve the Value of Land

Explore 5 tips for enhancing land values, including clearing debris, running utilities, improving accessibility, hunting potential, and more.


Farmland Values: The Heartland Report

Explore farmland values and trends across the Midwest Heartland region. This analysis looks at real transaction data between Q1 of 2020 and Q2 of...

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Commonly Asked Questions When Buying a Farm

Considering buying a farm? Start your journey with answers to common questions about farming options, land types, financing, and more.

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Land Use by State: A Visual Guide

Refresh your understanding of U.S. land use throughout the 50 states, and explore what this means for your next purchase or investment.

Case Study

Case Study: Valuing Land in Pocahontas County

Hosted by Rob Moore, an experienced farm operations professional, this test case uses an off-market opportunity to demonstrate how Acres can be used...

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How to Determine Land Value

Learn how land valuation works and what factors are considered when determining land value in this beginner's guide.

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How to Finance Land

Find out what lenders look for when considering a land loan application and explore different financing options for raw land.

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Is Buying Land A Good Investment?

Discover the potential of land investment with our guide. Learn about the different types of land, potential returns, and considerations before...


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